for a comfortable and relaxed treatment
also with physical complaints and pregancy

The system consists of seperate parts that can be used both on a massage table or on the floor. It weighs little and is easy to carry in the backpack or carrier bag. 

For the professional:

With all treatments with the client laying down the BodyCushion can prove great services.

  • Better accessibility of many muscle groups an joints for a more effective treatment.

  • The client lies on teh sternum and pelvis, which gives more space and easier breathing.

  • Clients who can not lay on their belly on a massage table, can on a BodyCushion.

  • Clients are more relaxed.

  • Also used a lot with Shiatsu.


At home:

For pain relief or to lie in total relaxation for a time, for example during pregnancy, back pain or muscle or joint diseases.

Video's about using BodyCushion.

On the bodyCushion website are various video's.

Sizes; 50 cm wide
           15 cm thick
   +/- 1,10 cm long folded out incl headrest

Leg pieces are 30 cm



The bodyCushion consist of a sophisticated system of cushions. 
The cushions are built out of diffirent layers of foam of diffirent firmness. This, together with the cut outs and supports ensures that the body is completely supported on the skeleton. The soft parts and organs lie free and relaxed. Due to the loose construction and a additional set of cushions and wedges, the bodyCushion can be adapted to every body. 

This is the original bodyCushion as developed by Tom Owens. The best quality foam is used, preserving its shape and strength, does not collapse and pulverizes. Bodysupportsystems gives a lifelong guarantee on the foam rubber. Since the patent expired, counterfeit bodycushions are also sold. These are recognizable by the color: the real ones are agate blue (see photo), the counterfeit have different colors, usually cream.



  • De Originele.

    Bodycushion Basic Set 4pcs
    Bodycushion Basic Set 4pcs

    Basic set consisting of:
    ∙ Headrest on a frame, giving enough fresh oxygen
    ∙ Chest part with recesses
    ∙ Belly section with belly recess
    ∙ 1 or 2-part footrest.
    ∙ Headrest case original
    ∙ Leg piece cover original


    € 845,00
  • De Originele.

    BodyCushion 3 parts
    BodyCushion 3 parts

    The set consists of:

    ∙ Headrest on a frame, giving enough fresh oxygen.
    ∙ Chest part with recesses.
    ∙ Belly section with belly recess.
    ∙ Headrest cover, original Flannel blue.

    We recommend the 4-part set. The…

    € 712,00
  • BodyCushion Accesories
    BodyCushion Accesories

    The body cushion is shown here with the 9 accesories:

    ∙ 4 extenders, to adjust the length
    ∙ enhancers: blocks and wedges
    ∙ wedge to adjust the head rest position

    The accesories come in a caddy (bag)

    € 419,00
  • BodyCushion Breast-ComfortCushion
    BodyCushion Breast-ComfortCushion

    Extra comfortable for example with pregnancy or extra large breasts.

    This part replaces the chest part

    € 359,00
  • BodyCushion Arm Rests
    BodyCushion Arm Rests

    The arm rests are a nice support with some complaints.

    € 239,00
  • BodyCushion Carrier / Backpack
    BodyCushion Carrier / Backpack

    For easy transportation and ideal to store.

    Backpack for the 4-piece set.

    € 125,00
  • Flanel.

    BodyCushion cover sets, Flannel, blue
    BodyCushion cover sets, Flannel, blue

    Beautiful flannel, 100% cotton.

    Color: light blue

    ∙ Headrest covers, € 12.00 each,
    8 or more € 8.50 pst​

    ∙ Bodycushion covers 4 pieces € 90, -
    Chest comfort cushion cover € 29, -
    Armrest covers € 36, -

    € 12,00
  • Badstof

    BodyCushion 4 parts Terry Cover Sets
    BodyCushion 4 parts Terry Cover Sets

    Cover sets for 4-parted BodyCushion.

    ∙ Terry

    Terry cover set for all parts of the 4-piece bodycushion.

    ∙ More colors, often on order.
    ∙ Available in; White, Cream, Dark Blue, Lavender, Anthracite, Wine Red and…

    € 49,95

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