• Armboard


    Board under the head rest. To allow the arms to rest in the prone position.

    ∙ Available in multiple colors
    ∙ Solid quality
    ∙ If you are unsure whether it fits your table / headrest, please inquire

    € 25,00
  • Armsling Earthlite
    Armsling Earthlite


    This loop is made for the Earthlite Avalon. Also fits tables of other brands.

    If you buy it together with an Earthlite table, the price is € 19,00.
    This discount is applied afterwards and is not visible in your…

    € 25,00
  • Armboard Earthlite
    Armboard Earthlite

    Luxurious armboard

    Specially developed for Earthlite massage tables
    Only on order.∙ Earthlite
    ∙ Vanilla Creme
    ∙ Mystic Blue​

    Please ask for delivery time.

    € 119,00

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