Volatile Bodymilk

Volatile has, in addition to neutral bodymilk to which no essential oils have been added, three ready-to-use types of bodymilk, each with its own special effect.  Ze kunnen gebruikt worden na bad, douche, sport en sauna. Aan de bodymilk is 1% zuivere essentiële olie toegevoegd.

Bodymilk Neutral 
This is the nurturing and nourishing basemilk which is also suitable as a cleansing milk. You can add one or more essential oils to this neutral bodymilk. The neutral bodymilk is a basemilk of jojoba, shea butter and algea extract.

Bodymilk Zonnewarmte (Solar Warmth)
A warm, sunny milk that radiates through mandarin, mirrh, orange and vanilla. Very suitable for children and others who can use a little extra sunshine. When used with babies, dilute this bodymilk with neutral bodymilk. 

Bodymilk Ontspanning (Relaxation)
Fantastic after a tiring day. Relaxes body and mind. A mixture of, amongst others, geranium, lavender, benzoin, ceder and bergamot.

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