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How to choose a massage chair.


Alle chars are suitable for chair massage forms based on Shiatsu. The sitting posture is fairly upright which gives a good working posture for the masseur.

The Ergo Pro is the chair with the most possibilities and the biggest carrying capacity. This chair has the longest life span.

The other chairs; Hara, Vortex and Element all have more or less the same adjustment options and sitting posture. The diffirence lies within the materials, appearance and and quality of the parts.


Prices are included VAT, chairs are shipped free of charge within the Netherlands.

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  • Incl. luxe trolley

    Hara Go
    Hara Go

    Hara Go

    The headrest is strong: wood and aluminum base, skintouch PU vinyl cushion
    Frame and headrest are Alu Gray, headrest cushion color of the chair∙ Includes bag on wheels
    ∙ Includes sternum pillow
    ∙ Skintouch PU…

    € 299,00
  • Hara Silver
    Hara Silver

    Hara Silver

    Light aluminum chair covered with PU vinyl
    A beautiful chair thanks to the round aluminum and the flowing shapes.
    The chair has a strong headrest, wood and aluminum. The aluminum parts are cream (see image)∙…

    € 285,00
  • Massage chair "Ergo Pro II"
    Massage chair "Ergo Pro II"

    Ergo Pro II

    The Ergo Pro is renewed!
    What has changed;∙ Thicker pillows
    ∙ Rounder shapes and therefore more elegant
    ∙ Chair is delivered without sternum cushion
    ∙ All cushions are now with Velcro and can easily be…

    € 635,00
  • Earthlite Vortex
    Earthlite Vortex

    Earthlite Vortex∙ The Vortex portable massage chair
    ∙ Deluxe adjustable headrest with pillow
    ∙ Sternum pillow
    ∙ Matching carrying bag
    ∙ Naturesoft PU Vinyl

    Available Colors:

    Black Mystic-Blue Burgundy-Red Purple Teal…

    € 429,00
  • Element Chair
    Element Chair

    Element Chair

    Light aluminum chair covered with PU vinyl
    Black aluminum frameThe black frame in combination with black upholstery looks very stylish.

    ∙ Includes carrying bag
    ∙ Adjustment options:
    ∙ - seat 3 heights,
    ∙ -…

    € 315,00
  • Earthlite Avilla
    Earthlite Avilla

    Earthlite AvillaThe Avila II infinitely adjustable professional massage chair∙ Deluxe adjustable headrest with pillow
    ∙ Sternum pillow
    ∙ Carry bag on wheels
    ∙ DVD with product specifications and instructions for…

    € 649,00
  • Travelmate / Desktopper
    Travelmate / Desktopper

    Travelmate -Desktopper

    Tool to give back massages, for example on a desk or table,

    Easy to bring along.

    ∙ Chest part tiltable and slidable
    ∙ Headrest in multiple positions
    ∙ Carrying bag
    ∙ Breast pad is as in photo…

    € 157,00
  • Cover set massage chair
    Cover set massage chair

    Cover set massage chair

    We can supply terry covers for all parts for your massage chair.
    Example on the photo: Stronglite Ergo Pro and Hara Silver or Earthlite Vortex.Set for the whole chair: 2x knee support, 1x seat, 1x armrest,…

    € 42,50

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