Meditation Cushion Half Moon

The Meditation cushions are filled with 1st quality buckwheat husks; the buckwheat husks have been sieved so sticks have been filtered out. 
Buckwheat caps ensure that the meditation cushions shape well to the seat, making it very comfortable. The buckwheat sits in a separate bag in the inside of the meditation cushion. At the bottom of the meditation cushion is a zipper through which you can get the buckwheat in and out of the meditation cushion.

The buckwheat in the meditation cushion reduces over time; the pillow needs to be refilled for comfort. The height of the meditation cushion can be adjusted by removing some buckwheat chaff.

Refill bag with 750 gram buckwheat caps in bleached cotton bag available in the shop.

Washing instructions: wash cold to hand warm separately after removing the inner cushion with buckwheat chaff.

Cushion Cover: cotton.
Inner cushion: unbleached cotton.
Filling: buckwheat caps.
Open / close: with zipper at the bottom
Inner cushion is closed with a cord.

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