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 "In Thai"
  • cassumunar (Thai ginger type) 40.35%
  • peel of the bergamot fruit 37.46%
  • lemongrass 8.65%
  • eucalyptus leaf 5.76%
  • koenjit (yellow root) 5.76%
  • camphor 1.15%
  • salt 0.58%
  • borneol 0.29%

Borneo camphor or Borneol is seen in the Eastern countries as a `` panacea``, it is used in many diseases, such as infectious diseases and intestinal complaints.

Produced in Thailand. The company where the stamps are produced is approved by the Ministry of Health.
The bleachers used in stamps in Thailand are not in this European version. Furthermore, it is a recipe as it has been used for several centuries.

The stamps are packaged airtight, have a long shelf life. They can be used with oil or steam, the herbs are strong enough for about 3-4 treatments. The yellow root can cause stains on clothing and beach towels.​

There are two types of stamps: large (body) stamps of 200 grams and small (facial) stamps of 100 grams. Large stamps are suitable for back and legs. Small stamps are suitable for décolleté, face and possibly arms.
Prices definitive reduced!

+/- 90 grams: each € 6.50. Per 10 pcs € 6.15 a piece
200 grams: each € 7.50. Per 10 pcs € 7.00 a piece

Herbal stamp massage

Massaging with herbal stamps can be a nice preparation for a massage or facial treatment. Because of the herbs and the heat it works relaxing, cleansing and warming. It is good for muscles and joints.

Download the instructions from the bottomside of the website. 

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