Swedish Nail Mat

The original Swedish Nail Mat


The green Swedish Nail Mat is a flexible mat of plastic that can help with pain, which allows you to relax deeply and sleep well.

The original Swedish Nail Mat helps more than 100,000 people in Sweden with lumbago, hernia, muscle pain, stiffness, sciatica, stress, chronic pain, rheumatic pain, frozen shoulder, headache, sleep problems, wiplash, fibromyalgia and other complaints. Or just to relax.

The nail mat was developed in Sweden based on the thousands of years old principle of the Indian nail bed. It is a direct hit in Scandinavia, and now also available in the Netherlands.

The original Swedish Nail Mat is available in 3 versions. The CLASSIC is mainly used for the back. The Flex for the seat and legs and for neck and shoulders. This Soft Nail Mat is also ideal for children and people who are sensitive to pain. The COMBI literally combines a half Classic with a half Soft nail mat, for example for back and shoulders or for back and seat in one nail mat!

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